Serene Sereonic TV Soundbox - Wireless TV Speaker w/Optical, Analog & Bluetooth Connectivity

Serene Innovations

  • $149.00

Brings sound to you. No more straining to hear.

Tired of straining to hear your TV?  Can't, or don't want to, wear headphones to listen? This wireless TV SoundBox® brings natural, crystal clear, stereo TV sound right in front of you, loud and clear. No more muffled dialogue, no more missing words, and no more blaring volume to disturb others.

  • The volume control works independently of the TV speaker, allowing you to turn the speaker down or even off.
  • Adjustable Voice Enhancing makes each word fully intelligible and easier to comprehend.
  • Totally wireless so you can even take it into another room

    Plug the transmitter base into your TV using the appropriate cable. SoundBox will connect to any TV or audio source. Audio cords are included to connect to a digital Optical-Out port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, composite audio out (RCA) or use the microphone to pick up sound from the speakers. 

The Receiver/Speaker will pick up the transmission from a range of up to 100 feet, depending on surroundings.

  • User replaceable Lithium Ion battery gives up to 8 hours listening time
  • built in Bluetooth to connect with your smart TV or smart phone(Smart TV not required to use this device)
  • Charge the receiver/speaker on the transmitter base.
  • AC adapter available for alternate power. (sold separately)
  • Automatic shutoff after three minutes of no transmission to conserve battery
  • 1 hour sleep timer
  • 3.5mm headset jack on speaker for private listening. Use with headphones, earbuds, personal neckloop.
  • 3.5mm audio input jack on speaker allows you to listen directly to an MP3 player, computer, or other audio source.
  • additional speakers can be used with the transmitter base.
  • Dimensions 9 in x 7 in x 3.25 in.  Weight 1.7 lb.
  • One year warranty.

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