Sound of Light


  • $159.00

As easy to install as a light bulb! Enjoy professional quality sound at a 200 foot range with no wiring to install.

Lose the Wires
Get rid of the wires without having to worry about cutting holes. Just screw the speakers into any existing light socket and the speakers disappear into the lamp shade. Lighting, volume and power functions are all controlled via remote.

Cutting Edge Technology
You can rely on Texas Instruments new ™Purepath Wireless Audio Technology to bring unsurpassed CD quality sound reproduction.

Want to hear your TV without having to turn it up loud and bother other people? Want a speaker next to your bed? Want to play music in multiple rooms at the same time? Don’t want to have a speaker sitting out in the open or have it in your way? Want to do this all without having to run ugly wires or punch holes in your walls? Then Sound of Light has the solution. You can simply remove the light bulb form virtually any lamp, replace it with the Sound of Light speaker, then screw your light bulb back in. Our powerful 2.4GHz transmitter gives you up to a 200 foot range and can operate four separate speakers in two different zones at the same time. The Sound of Light works seamlessly with iPod’s, MP3 players, TV’s, computers, home stereos and so much more. Works with most medium based bulbs - incandescent, LED, CFL. Maximum 75 Watts.

Includes: SOL Lamp Speaker, Wireless Transmitter, Remote Control, Power Supply, 7 inch Light Fixture Harp, 3.5mm Stereo Cable (1 meter), RCA CAble (1 meter), Users Guide.


  • Operating range up to 200 feet
  • Works Incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs
  • 2 Zone Volume Control
  • 2 Zone Light Control ON/OFF
  • Texas Instruments 2.4 GHz Purepath Wireless Digital Signal Transmitter
  • 433 MHz Receiver For Handheld Remote Control operation
  • Stereo RCA Input Jacks
  • Stereo 3.5mm Mini Input Jack
  • Pairing Push Button
  • External Switching Power Supply
  • 1 Source Audio Input
  • 2 Light On LED Indicators
  • 2 Zone Mute Function
  • 2 Zone Mute LED Indication
  • 2 Zone Linked LED Indication
  • Amplifier - 25Watt Texas Instruments Purepath Class D
  • Power Supply – Texas Instruments Switching Power Supply for high efficiency and Energy Star EuP compliant
  • Each transmitter can operate up to 4 speaker lights
  • Channel Selection - Left-Mono-Right (Selector Switch)
  • Treble Control – Knob to adjust treble to compensate for different lampshade densitie
  • Light Control - Lighting Control Relay (ON/OFF)
  • Works on 110V or 240V

Download Users Guide


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