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PeaceMaker Infrared System


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You may need a Digital Audio Converter to hook this up to the newer TV's

Note: Will not work with plasma or large flat-screen TVs. Requires analog connection.

Gives the user complete freedom to listen to their favorite TV, radio or stereo program at a volume level they can hear, while the TV remains at a lower volume for other listeners. The user doesn't have to be excluded from conversation or other room sounds such as the telephone or doorbell ringing.
System consists of a transmitter/emitter which picks up the TV sound and sends an infrared beam to a receiver worn by the user. An environmental microphone is standard with the system, and may be used even while the transmitter/emitter is jacked directly into the audio source - unlike other systems which allow the use of only one input source, direct or microphone. The microphone may be used as the primary audio source if the TV or stereo does not have "audio out" capability.
The receiver clips onto a pocket, hangs around the neck, or can sit on a tabletop. It has connections to allow the simultaneous use of two headsets or neckloops.
The signal can be switched from stereo to mono.
One lightweight, under the chin, stethoset-style headset comes with the system. Other types of earbuds or headsets, as well as direct audio-input cords and neckloops can be used with the receiver. It uses two AA batteries (4 are included).
90 day warranty.

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