HearIt Media Bluetooth TV and Cell Phone Amplification System

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HearIt Media is a user-friendly communication amplifier which transmits sound from television and from Bluetooth® mobile phones.

HearIt Media has a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the TV or any other audio source to transmit the sound via Bluetooth. The HearIt receiver picks up the sound and amplifies it. The built-in neckloop transmits the sound directly to hearing aid telecoils, or headphones (not included) for those who do not have hearing aids.

The receiver can also be paired with a Bluetooth telephone for hands free use. There is a built-in microphone and an easy to reach answer button. If you are watching TV when the call comes in, pressing the answer button will override the TV transmission. When the call is finshed, press the button to hang up, and your TV show is there again.

HearIt Media has five volume settings permitting users to adjust the volume according to their own needs.

Cables to connect to the audio out of your TV or the headphone jack of another audio source are included. No DAC cables are provided so this will not connect to TV's with a digital connection. 

Discontinued product-No Warranty-30 day return only if defective.


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