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EMS Amplified Stethoscope


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Special Order. Takes aproximately 3 weeks for delivery once ordered. 15% restocking applies if returned.

1. Used for listening to breath sounds in a noisy ambulance.
2. Used for taking blood pressure in stress testing.

Features and Benefits:

 Aviation Style Headphones; To minimize outside noise and enhance comfort, the E-Scope EMS Electronic Stethoscope utilizes aviation-style headphones.  The padded seal around the ears and insulation inside the headphones significantly reduce outside noise allowing the paramedic to hear soft breath and/or heart sounds in an ambulance or other noisy environment.  The ear pads provide cushioned comfort for long-term use.

Cable length. The cable length on the E-Scope EMS is 36 inches.

Finger-tip Control All the controls for volume and heart sound or breath sound filters are on the stethoscope chest piece and as well as on the headphone.

Volume Control. On the stethoscope chest piece, the + or  – symbol is pressed to increase or decrease the sound volume.  On the headphone, a toggle switch increases or decreases the sound volume.  The toggle switch is easily operated with a gloved finger. 

Breath and Heart Sound Filter Control.  Since breath sounds are in the 50-1600 Hz range and heart sounds are in the 50-700 Hz range, the E-Scope  EMS can be adjusted to concentrate on these frequency ranges.  The ·  symbol on the stethoscope chest piece switches the frequency response between these two ranges.  A push button on the headphone is also available for a quick frequency response change.

Automatic Shut Off.  To extend the life of the AA battery, the E-Scope EMS shuts off automatically after 1.5 minutes (an optional 8-minute shut off is available.)  

 Automatic Volume Restart.  When the E-Scope Electronic Stethoscope is turned ON, it remembers the last volume setting thus keeping new volume adjustments to a minimum.

Off-the-Shelf Battery.  The E-Scope EMS uses a standard off-the-shelf AA battery that operates the E-Scope EMS for about 5 months assuming usage at 30 times per day, 6 days per week.  Replacement batteries are available wherever batteries are sold. 

Selection of diaphragms and bells.   The E-Scope EMS model is supplied with a Specialist Adult Diaphragm, Adult Bell and a pediatric diaphragm.

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