E Scope Electronic Amplified Stethoscopes


  • $335.00

Basic E-Scope Headset Model

E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscopes
A stethoscope designed for the hearing aid user. The E-Scope II utilizes modern electronic circuitry to amplify heart, breath and Korotkoff sounds so they are much easier to hear. All controls are in a small electronic box. There is a filter for heart and breath sounds, an automatic shut off and a volume control. Maximum SPL output of 120 dB. Can be used with in-the- canal hearing aids.

For other hearing aid users, there is a belt-clip model (headphones.Sold Separately)

Specialist Elite Bellmodels give you adult, pediatric and infant bells featuring stainless steel construction and Delrin non-chill rings. The Specialist Series are ideal heads for reducing finger noise as the heavier construction allows for better sound quality.

Powered by one AAA battery. 1 year warranty.

  • E-Scope Basic Electronic Stethoscope CA-718-7700 $335.00 
  • E-Scope Basic with Specialist Bells CA-718-7740 $385.00 
  • E-Scope Belt Model (Headphones Sold Separately) CA-718-7710 $370.00
  • E-Scope Belt w/Headphones & Specialist Bells CA-718-7750 $480.00
  • E-Scope II Clinical Pediatric Model CA-718-7745 $405.00

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