Chattervox Voice Amplifier

  • $199.00

ChatterVox Personal Amplification System
Lightweight, portable voice amplifier provides up to 15dB of low distortion, high intelligibility voice boost. Designed for those who have a weak voice, it can also give a boost those whose profession requires they strain their voices - school teachers, tour guides, aerobic instructors, tour guides. Puts less stress on your voice and provides greater clarity for your listeners. It is recommended by speech pathologists and audiologists. Simple to operate, only one on/off volume control. Uses (6) AA rechargeable batteries (included) for up to 14 hours of continuous use, or can be operated on alkaline batteries if necessary. Comes with plug in charger, waistpack cover and leatherette storage case.
Size 8' W x 2.9' H x 2.1' D. Weight 20 oz.
One year warranty.

Your choice of microphones specify model:
ELT-CVOX-H with headset microphone $199.00
ELT-CVOX-C with collar microphone $199.00
ELT-CVOX-T with transdermal (neck) microphone with a neck transducer which is sensitive to vibration and can amplify even faint vocal sounds to readily audible levels. $199.00

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