Alertmaster ALERT10 System - Door, Phone and Wake-Up -

Alertmaster ALERT10 System - Door, Phone and Wake-Up


  • $189.00

Alertmaster ALERT10 Complete Notification System
An affordable and versatile wireless alerting system. Installed in your house or apartment, the ALERT10 uses flashing lights and a bedshaker to alert you to the doorbell, telephone, alarm clock, or loud room noises.

  • Plugs into a telephone jack for telephone notification. 
  • Has a wireless doorbell button that just mounts outside your door. No wiring necessary. Or you can use the Door Knock signaler that hangs on your door and signals when someone knocks. Both are included
  • Plug a lamp into the back of the master unit, and it will flash. Distinct flashing patterns and lighted icons identify each activity. Large lighted button lets you turn lamp on or off.
  • Turn on bedshaker for night time alert.
  • Optional accessories even notify you of a crying baby or the presence of an intruder.
  • Optional remote receiver (WE-AL12) lets you put a lamp signal in another room.
  • Battery backup (batteries not included).
  • One year warranty.

Note: ALERT10 is compatible with all older versions of Alertmaster products - transmitters and receivers.

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