CentralAlert Home Alerting System Basic Kit

Serene Innovations

  • $179.00

A multifunction, wireless alerting system for home, office, dorms, hotels, or anywhere notifications are helpful. With its built-in, super-bright flasher, loud speaker, and dual bedshaker outputs, CA-360 alerts you to everyday sounds and activities. Using 2.4 GHz Smart Code technology, the CA-360 can support up to 1000 individual units in close proximity without interference. The basic system consists of the CentralAlert clock/control unit, a wireless doorbell transmitter, and a strong bedshaker. There is a selection of affordable accessories to expand your alerting system. One year warranty.

Product Features:

  • Alerts you to the activation of your alarm clock, doorbell or door knocking, phone/fax calls, audio alarm sounds, baby's crying in real time, weather alerts, motion detectors and more*
  • With the addition of the Audio Alarm Sensor, it is the only system that responds to virtually any audio alarm including those with T3 or T4 alarm sounds*
  • Latest 2.4 GHz Transmission Technology to ensure interference-free operations and full coverage of every corner of your home, operating range is 200 Ft.
  • Bright icons to let you know which alarm has gone off; it is so big you can even see it from afar
  • Big and bright clock for easy viewing; it even adjusts its brightness automatically to a gentle level so it will not interfere with your sleep
  • Adjustable loud yet pleasant sound to alert you audibly
  • Powerful bed shaker (one included) to alert even the deepest sleepers
  • Alarm clock with dual alarm settings and dual bed shaker connections
  • Battery power back-up for full operation up to 48 hours in the event of power outage
  • A wide selection of affordable accessories

*accessory (sold separately) is required for some of these functions

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