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Silent Call Receiver Good Vibrations

Silent Call

  • $127.00

The Good Vibrations Receiver is a small (3 3/4" X 2 3/8" X 1") receiver that is designed to be worn close to the body. It attaches easily to the belt or waistband of your pants, slacks or skirt, or can be placed in a pocket. When it receives a signal from any Silent Call® transmitter (sold separately) it alerts the wearer by vibrating. Different pulse patterns help people who are blind, deaf/blind, or hard of hearing to distinguish between sounds, doorbells, telephones, smoke alarms, or other occurrences. Additionally, an LED illuminates to indicate which transmitter function initiated the signal.

The receiver operates on 1) internal user-replaceable 9v rechargeable battery (included).
Note: Recharging requires either the Silent Call Battery Charger stand-alone charger or the Sleep Alert charger.

Five year Silent Call warranty.

The Good Vibrations System is wireless and uses advanced electronics to monitor a wide variety of important household devices such as telephone, doorbell, smoke detector, etc. One major benefit to this system is that you may purchase the complete system all at once or build it, one transmitter and/or receiver at a time. We can help you custom configure a system to fit your life-style and needs.

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