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CentralAlert Home/Cell Phone Ringer

Serene Innovations

  • $89.00

The CA-CX Uses a loud ringer and bright flasher to alert you to incoming landline, cell phone, *Skype™ and *FaceTime™ call and SMS messages. With its optional bedshaker, you will never miss a call again, even while you sleep.

Can be used as a stand alone alert or as a transmitter with the CentralAlert CA360 system for remote or nighttime alerting functions.

Park your cell phone on the cradle and set it to "vibrate" and plug into your home phone jack. Unique, bright flashing patterns and adjustable ring tones distinguish landline calls from text and cell phone and Skype.

Bright indicator lights alert you to missed calls or texts.

Detects and alerts you to WEA* public emergency broadcast warnings of impending emergencies or diasters. (*WEA - Wireless Emergency Alert - check with your cell phone provider to confirm they provide WEA alerts.)

There is a built-in USB port to serve as a convenient charging station for your cell phone. (CA-CX must be plugged into AC to activate charging function)

AC powered with optional battery backup (4AA Alkaline - not included). Battery life up to 10 months.

One year warranty.

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