Ear Gear Mini & Micro

Ear Gear

  • $26.95

Colorful nylon-spandex boots that cover behind the ear hearing aids to protect them from perspiration, dirt, grime, wind noise and moisture. They come individually or with elastic cords and clips to secure the aids to the back of a shirt to prevent loss.

Great for kids or active adults. They come in many sizes and colors.

Ear Gear Mini has two styles, square and curved. They will fit narrow, open-fit BTEs up to 1.5 inches long. They are available in monaural and binaural models with a cord and clip and as a binaural set without the cord.

Important Instructions To ensure that we provide you with the correct size of Ear Gear , measure your hearing instrument (as shown). Please enter the size along with the make and model in the Comments area on the order form.

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