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Dry & Store Global Model

Ear Technology

  • $107.00

Smaller travel size Dry & Store. Dehumidifies, sanitizes and conditions hearing aids and cochlear processors placed in unit overnight. Gentle heat and a fan draw out the moisture which is trapped in a desiccant block. A UV lamp kills harmful bacteria that can cause itching ears. Ear wax dries up and can be easily cleaned out. Batteries last longer because the aids are not draining power as quickly. Large tray holds two hearing aids and earmolds or cochlear processor with ease. It is not necessary to remove the batteries from the hearing instruments while they are in the Dry & Store Global.

Operating cycle is eight (8) hours. The germicidal lamp operates for the first three (3) minutes then turns off automatically. The fan continuously circulates warm, dry air for the entire operating cycle, causing moisture to move out of the hearing instruments by diffusion. Tth timer resets itself each time the lid is opened, so shorter length conditioning is possible.

Ships with one disposable Dry-Brik desiccant block. The Dry-Brik is sealed in a gold foil outer wrapper and has a shelf life of at least one year. In use, the Dry Brik is effective for two months and should be replaced at that time. Due to the activated carbon in the formula, Dry-Briks also absorb odors as they capture moisture.

The germicidal lamp is a short wave, low pressure, mercury vapor tube that produces ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths that are lethal to micro-organisims. During its three minute cycle, the lamp will generate enough energy to kill 99% of common bacteria found in the external ear canal. To the user, this means less itching and irritation, and fewer recurring infections of the external ear canal. It is a surface sanitizer only, and has little or no penetrating power, so it is not damaging to plastics or earmolds.

Certified to UL and CSA standards. CE marked.
Weight 2 lb, Size 7in wide x 4 in deep x 3.6in high
One year warranty in the US and Canada

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