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Hundreds of thousands of PROPLUGS are in use today to protect children. After ventilation tube operations on the ears, shampoo and soap lower surface tension and allow dirty water to pass through ventilation tubes, infecting the middle ear. PROPLUGS help prevent this from occurring. Since 1977, when DOC'S PROPLUGS were first created, their patented design has been recognized by professionals and patients alike as having the most features in respect to comfort and protection. 60% of swimmers have swimmer ears in their lifetime, with 80% of swimmers ear occurring before adolescence. NOTE: These are not sound proof.

Best for use to keep water out of your ears. Unlike silicon plugs, will not irritate canal to cause further complications Recommended by ENT physicians Designed to be non-invasive and inexpensive Made from hypo-allergenic Kraton, for a watertight seal Made for those who are likely to forget to stay on the surface of the water Used to prevent swimmers ear and middle ear infections. Your audiologist may be able to assist in determining the size.

Child (0-5 years) - one of the following sizes: tiny, extra small, medium small, and small

Youth (6-17 years) - one of the following sizes: medium small, small, medium, and large

Adult (18 years & up) - one of the following sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large

This is the link to the manufacturer's sizing information.

After you look at the link, look at the photo of the small size, it measures 3/4 inch. Also see photo 3 in the manufacturer’s instructions. So the Tiny is 1/2", the XS is 5/8", the MS is 11/16", the Small is 3/4", the Medium is 13/16", Large is 7/8" and XL is 1". I hope this helps. If you have trouble measuring an ENT physician or other local retailer with a Proplug fitting set would also be able to help. non vented The measurement of the part that inserts into your ear is Approximately MS 3/32 by 1/4 this is an approximate measurement Small 1/4 by 3/16 this is an approximate measurement Warning: Do not use for Scuba or Skin Diving

Effective protection against loud noise, and high frequency noise, while still allowing you to hear normal sounds. Suitable For: Recreational Use Swimming Bathing Light Industrial- blocks 25db Concerts vented Designed to protect the ear from cold water, impact, loud noise, and high frequency noise, while still allowing you to hear normal sounds. Suitable For: Water Sports Scuba/Free Diving-- Upon descent, Pro plugs prevent water from entering the ear down to 20 feet in depth. Once the diver enters greater depths, water will be allowed into the ear for equalization. Motorcycles Light Industrial - blocks 20db

Please Note: we were not able to add the Medium Small(MS), Extra Small(XS) or Tiny(T) to this listing. Please contact us if you need any of these sizes.

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