Sonic Boom Alarm Clock Receiver with Optional Bedshaker

  • $64.00

Lights! Audio! Action!


  • Wake up to any combination of loud pulsating audio alarm, flashing lights, or shaking bed.
  • Up to 113dB alarm 
  • Models available with or without bedshaker.
  • Adjustable volume and tone control for most effective audio alert use
  • Plug in your bedside lamp for a flashing light alert
  • Large button on the front of the clock controls on/off for lamp use
  • Large, bright green LED display automatically dims as the room gets darker
  • Five year warranty

 NOTE: This clock can be used as a receiver with other Sonic Alert signalers to alert the user to a variety of other happenings such as the phone ringing, a baby crying, the doorbell ringing, etc.

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