Lifetone HL Fire Alarm Monitor and Clock -

Lifetone HL Fire Alarm Monitor and Clock


  • $214.00

Lifetone HL™

The most important wake-up call you will ever get.

Are you fully protected?

  • The majority of smoke alarms currently sold and installed in homes generate sounds at 3100 Hz.

  • Research shows that as we age, the ability to hear sounds above 2000 Hz is greatly diminished.

There is a solution.

  • Lifetone HL™ broadcasts a 520Hz square-wave sound pattern proven by the Fire Protection Research Foundation to be more effective at alerting and awakening people with hearing loss, seniors, children and heavy sleepers than standard fire alarms.

  • No need to change your existing smoke or fire alarms. The patented Lifetone HL™ sensor actively listens for your existing T3 smoke alarms. When it detects a smoke alarm, it wakes you up and alerts you with 4 different signals:
    A loud, low-pitched (520 Hz) T3
    A powerful vibrating bedshaker
    Audible instruction in a low-pitched baritone voice ("Fire! Get out!)
    FIRE in large text against a flashing orange backlight on the display


  • Uses all of the four alarms proven in research sponsored by the US Fire Administration as most effective for waking people with hearing loss, seniors, children and heavy sleepers.

  • Works with your existing smoke alarms (must have T3 style alarms) - no installation, no wiring required. (Note: The Lifetone is not a replacement for your current smoke alarm, but rather works in conjunction with it.)

  • The Lifetone HL™ is both a state of the art fire alarm and an attractive , easy to use alarm clock.

  • There is a battery backup that will provide emergency alarm signals for 7 days or more in a power outage. (4 D batteries included)

  • It will alert you to an AC power loss and low or no battery.

  • It will also alert you to an unplugged or defective bedshaker.

  • Measuring 8.5" L x 5"W x 4"H, the HL fits anywhere. Its attractive white finish complements any decor.

  • The only UL-listed 520 Hz Fire Safety Alarm and Bed Shaker. Listed by UL to UL 217, ULC S531 and UL 1971. The HLAC is NFPA 72(2013) Compliant. For use with residential smoke alarms or commercial notification appliances in the US and Canada.

  • Two year warranty.

Be protected. The Lifetone HL™ helps ensure a life-saving environment for you and the ones you love.

Download Quick Start Guide (1.2MB)  | Lifetone Flyer (1MB)

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