Vegris DV-1 Closed Caption Decoder -

Vegris DV-1 Closed Caption Decoder


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Decoder and parental monitor with ON/OFF remote control. Remote control also activates the decoder as well as sets parental filters. The text is displayed as white letters on a black background.

Can be programmed to block out programs by TV rating codes, specific show content like language, sexual situations, violence and dialogue. Reads both TV codes and MPAA (movie) codes. Programmed with remote and PIN number for security. Can be used as decoder only without filtering.

Has an infrared interface on a cord that receives from the remote so the decoder can be placed behind the TV if necessary.
Instructions in both English and Spanish.

These are new units. All instructions, and parts are here. 90 day performance warranty. If the product does not work as designed within 90 days, it may be returned for refund.

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