Williams AV Pocketalker Pro


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Williams AV Pocketalker PRO

Personal amplifier for one-on-one conversation, TV listening and much more. For those who don't have a hearing aid, but need some help hearing, or those whose hearing aid just isn't enough in some situations. Especially effective for in car conversations or in a restaurant. Compact size, lightweight, easy to use. Delivers distinct, high-quality sound. Selectable frequency response allows user to ""tune"" amplifier to match hearing loss. Gets 100 hours of operating time on 2 AA batteries (included) Large, easy to operate volume control. Plug mount microphone with 12' extension cord for TV listening. Attractive carrying case Five-year warranty

Choice of six listening options:

  • With Over-the-ear earphone Part # WM-PKTPRO1-1
  • With single earbud PART # WM-PKTPRO1-2
  • With walkman style headphones PART # WM-PKTPRO1-3
  • With dual earbuds PART # WM-PKTPRO1-4
  • With behind the head Deluxe Headset PART # WM-PKTPRO1-5
  • With induction neckloop PART # WM-PKTPRO1-N

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