Comfort Duett Personal Listener

  • $169.00

Not quite ready for a hearing aid, but having a hard time communicating in noisy situations or one-on-one?

Do you find yourself in places with an induction loop, but you don't have a hearing aid with telecoil?

Do you have a hearing aid, but it's just not quite enough in some situations?

Comfort Duett is a small, easy to use, rechargeable, assistive listening device with superior sound. Use it with earphones in place of a hearing aid, or use it with an induction neckloop (not included), to amplify conversations and sounds from a variety of sources like TV, radio, telephone, etc. The Duett is discreet - resembling a small MP3 player - and stylish and the perfect solution for many situations.

With the change of a setting, it goes from being an acoustic amplifier to an induction receiver, able to pick up the signals from a loop system. Operating time on fully charged battery 15-20 hours depending on volume level. Nothing is this versatile. It is the perfect communication tool for those who are hard of hearing.

  • Crisp audio is sent directly to the ear. Using headphones, the Duett functions as an alternative to hearing aids. For hearing aids with a t-coil, a neckloop creates a seamless connection.
  • Digital Signal Processing with Automatic Gain Control
  • Three different sound modes make it easy to find your ideal setting.
  • Big, simple volume buttons with 10 volume levels.
  • Easy to adjust the left/right sound balance.
  • Rechargeable batteries last around 20 hours.
  • Ready to go after 3 hours charging. Micro USB charger connection.
  • Aux. In and External mic connection (3.5mm).
  • Weights just 0.1 lbs. Size  3.7"L x 1.4"W x .07"H
  • Two year warranty.

STANDARD HEADSET MODEL Comes with both headphones and earbuds, charger base unit, and 2AAA rechargeable batteries.

NECKLOOP MODEL for those who have hearing aid telecoils. This model has a personal induction neckloop instead of headphones and earbuds. Make your hearing aids more than they are. The sound is transmitted from the neckloop to the telecoils on your hearing aid for clear, crisp sound all the time.

Optional kits to connect to TV and telephone available.

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