Thinklabs One Stethoscope

  • $499.00
  • Save $100

Amplified Stethoscope

Device itself fits entirely into the chest piece and work with any headphones of your choice or hearing aid streamer

  • Amplifies sounds by more than 100X
  • Filters out ambient noise frequencies
  • High power output with dedicated headphone amplifiers, one for each channel
  • Provides a variety of audio filtering to better hear heart murmurs, diastolic rumbles, lung sounds, etc. May require hearing aid adjustments if connecting to hearing aid streamer
  • Select low, midrange or higher frequencies for S3, valves and murmurs, and lung sounds
  • Electromagnetic Diaphragm Technology – charge the frequency response by applying more pressure on the diaphragm
  • Features 3.5mm jack to connect high quality headphones for listening
  • Thinklabs studio quality In Earphones with excellent bass for heart sounds (included)
  • Uses (1) rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB style charger
  • Operating Time: 250 minutes (roughly 125 patients for 2 minutes per patient on a single charge)
  • Record, visualize, and share sounds using iPhone, iPad, Android or Mac/PC apps & software
  • Two year warranty

Stehoscope Includes: Thnklabs Studio Performance In-Ear Earphones, Thinklink Connection System to iPhone, iPad, Android, PC/Mac, USB-Type Charger (100-240V), and Carrying Case
NOTE: iPhone in picture NOT included

For Hearing Impaired Users

The compact design of the ONE goes a long way towards addressing the needs of medical profesionals with hearing loss.
First, the ability to use headphones means you can wear headphones over your hearing aids, solving the problem of having to remove your hearing aids.
Second, the ONE is LOUD! Once you get into volume levels 7-10, using good headphones, the volume becomes loud enough to actually feel the low frequencies from the patient's heartbeat. In terms of dB amplification, it exceeds 100X a regular stethoscope.

See the Hearing Aid Guide for detailed information about each type of hearing aid, cochlear implants and streamers.

Download Quick Reference Guide

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