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SafeAwake Smoke Detector Monitor



Quick Overview

Monitor existing smoke detectors for Safe Sure wake-up alerts.


Instantly wakes you from deep sleep to alert you to smoke and fire.

Works with your own smoke alarm system to instantly wake you, triggering all your senses with a motorized bed shaker, a flashing light and a low frequency sound you can actually hear.

Fire kills. And fast, too. That is why smoke alarms are mandated everywhere. Modern research now adds another component to maximize your safety. Motion.

In addition to conventional smoke alarms, tactile response is proven more effective in saving lives. The SafeAwake is designed to work in partnership with a properly installed, properly working, traditional smoke alarm. When activated, a smoke alarm sends out a 0.5 second T3 pattern that instantly triggers the SafeAwake.

The SafeAwake flashes light, and sets off a loud, low frequency audible sound that even the hearing impaired may hear. It also sets off a motorized bed shaker that literally pulls each and every sleeper from deep slumber; and warns them of smoke and possible fire. It’s like a stiff poke in the ribs.

When seconds could mean the difference between life and death, the SafeAwake provides a significant edge, a serious margin of safety.

The SafeAwake is a model of high-tech simplicity. There is a test button, an automatic shutoff and restart, a turn-on indicator light, a battery backup in the event of electrical failure; and even a system to tell if the batteries are weak.

It works anywhere. It’s light, compact, portable and simple, No other device offers the safety features and benefits of the SafeAwake. Fast and easy setup for homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, senior citizen residences, independent and assisted care facilities, in fact, everywhere that people sleep.

Although every bed should have the SafeAwake, it is critically vital for senior citizens and especially those with hearing disabilities.

The SafeAwake is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 2 year warranty.


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