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HearIt All Amplifier


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Quick Overview

CLOSEOUT! Wireless communication system for TV, telephone and Bluetooth cell phone


HearIt All provides you with a world of opportunities, all in one solution.

HearIt All is a wireless system that communicates sound and speech without bothersome cables.

It can be of benefit in many different situations where you need amplification - when you are at home, out, at a party, at work, riding in a car. It can be used with hearing aid telecoils by using the induction loop that is built into the receiver, or a set of headphones or earphones (not included) can be plugged in for those without hearing aids.

The system consists of a receiver, transmitter and charger base. Each part has multiple functions. (click to enlarge)



Charger Base

Hearing Conversation:
The transmitter picks up sound using either the directional and omni-directional microphone setting and transmits the sound to the receiver. The receiver has a built in neckloop for those with hearing aid telecoils, or can be used with headphones (optional). The transmitter can be hand held and pointed toward the person speaking, or can be hung around their neck with the cord (included). It can also be placed on a table as a conference mic. This is especially useful in noisy social situations, meetings, at work, or riding in a car.

Talking on the Phone:
There is a connection in the back of the charger base for a telephone cord from a phone jack to the HearIt All. When the phone rings, you can press a button on the receiver and connect your HearIt All receiver to the phone call. A microphone in the receiver allows you to carry on a conversation. When you are finished, press the button to hang up the call.

Mobile Phone:
The receiver is also a Bluetooth receiver for your cell phone. Connect to the cell phone with just the touch of a button. If you are talking on the land line phone when your cell phone rings, you can interrupt the land line call to answer your cell by pressing a button and then go back to the first call in the same way.

Watching TV or Listening to Other Sound Source:
A cable (included) connects the HearIt All charger base to the audio out connection of a TV or stereo or to an MP3 or other audio source. The sound is transmitted to the receiver allowing you to control the volume to your needs. If the telephone rings while you are listening, you need not get up to answer it. Just press the button on the receiver and connect to your phone call.

HearIt All is a versatile, wireless communication amplifier that is the answer to a hard of hearing person's needs no matter what the situation.

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