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FIELD Teleloop Amplifier



Quick Overview

Induction loop system to use with hearing aid T-coils to better hear TV, radio or stereo.


An induction teleloop amplifier system designed to help users better hear the stereo and TV. The Field can be used by anyone wearing a hearing aid with a t-coil or using an induction receiver. A length of wire is placed around the perimeter of a room or a portion of the room where the listener will be. The wire is connected to an amplifer which is connected to the sound source. There are two input connections for sound from the TV and a stereo or radio and one input connection for a microphone (not included). When the listener is inside the loop of wire, he can switch his hearing aids to the "T"elephone position and hear the sound crisp and clear. Usually the microphone of the hearing aid is turned off when the aid is in the "T" position (unless the user has an "MT" setting) and this blocks out the other sounds in the room. If you wish to hear conversation, a microphone (sold separately) can be connected to the loop amplifier.

The Field is equipped with dual Automatic Gain Control (AGC) functions. One ensures that sudden loud sounds are eliminated and the other ensures that the user hears dynamic, equalized sound. There are adjustable bass and treble controls to customize the sound to an individual's hearing loss, and a volume control to adjust the sound level.

Field is suitable for almost any environment—private homes, cars, boats, RVs, classrooms and meeting rooms. Comes with 120 feet of wire, wire clips, an environmental microphone and stereo connector cables. Can be used with a Loop Pad (not included).
Size: 4.25 inches x 3.25 inches x 1 inch. One year warranty.


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