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Alarm Monitor Transmitter



Quick Overview

Transmitter monitors acoustic alarm devices and signals to strobe and bedshaker receivers when they are activated.


The CT-KA300TX transmitter monitors an acoustic alarm device, such as a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, house alarm system, etc. The transmitter is attached to the "speaker" of the alarm device with self-adhesive hook and loop fastener. When the alarm device is activated, the transmitter senses the sound vibration and sends a signal to any receiver in a 100' range that is coded to match its frequency. Requires either a CT-KA300RX or CT-KBS300RX receiver for alerting.

At least one transmitter is required for each alarm device to be monitored. Three devices can be monitored, with a many transmitters per device as necessary. (Example: A home with two carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors on three floors would need 5 transmitters - two coded for the carbon monoxide detectors and three coded for the smoke detectors.)

Any number of receivers can be used with the transmitters. They are coded to respond to specific transmitters for specific devices.

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